Patricia Bromley

I am an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education, the Doerr School of Sustainability, and (by courtesy) Sociology at Stanford University.

At Stanford I also Direct the Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research (SCANCOR) and I am a Co-Director of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS). I teach courses related to the sociology of education, sustainable development, nonprofit organizations, and global education policy.


Research Interests

My research spans a range of fields including organization and management theory, comparative education, and the sociology of education. My work shows the expansive societal effects of the rise and globalization of a liberal world culture emphasizing rational, scientific thinking and expansive forms of rights. Recent studies also examine contemporary challenges to the liberal cultural order, such as growing restrictions on civil society organizations and declining levels of education reform worldwide. Much of my work takes place in the Global Civil Society and Sustainable Development Lab  in Stanford’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. Current research includes multiple projects related to sustainable development, education, organizations, and civil society, including the World Education Reform Database. Prior work included many studies of civic education textbooks around the world and the expansion of formal organization.



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